About Us

Engaging people to perform

The Vasta Group was formed in 2015, with its founding partners bringing more than 25 years of experience in change management, safety and security auditing, employee behavior and performance development to the table.

With competence from multiple business fields and companies, such as recycling & waste management, FMCG / food and beverage, management consulting, white goods production and building materials, The Vasta Group today has knowledge and experience that are crucial for their ability to quickly understand and grasp the challenges their clients face.

The Vasta Group team consists of experienced people who have previously held positions ranging from Operational Managers, HSE experts, Logistics & Production Managers, to CEO and President.

What unites us is our passion for 'doing the right things', and equally, 'doing things right' and our practical experiences of how powerful a change journey can be when everyone is onboard, striving in the same direction. This is how we learned that sustainable change – and thus a sustainable world – is only achieved when everyone really wants it to happen, having both understood and accepted the Why and the How.