How we do it

We try to describe the Culture and Business Philosophy that steers how we deliver value to our clients as this:

We sell change, by helping clients to implement changed behaviours, changed attitudes and changed approach of their employees, bringing multiple benefits to their business.

This is where we try to differentiate from other ”Sustainability advisors” and ”Safety consultants”, where many players are more into following up fulfilment of laws, permissions and documents. All that is important, but real change is based on people doing things different tomorrow compared to yesterday.


To achieve successful change, our auditors and consultants must always work together, side by side, with our clients’ representatives, managers and employees, and have common goals, measured with common KPI’s.


We always strive to work in long-term partnerships with our clients, to help them to continuosly raise the bar and get better and better.

For us, ”Good is never good enough” - there is always more that can be done, but it has to be done step by step.

By first challenging ourselves to develop, we can challenge our clients to never stand still too.

At The Vasta Group, we live by a culture of 'Care' in four dimensions:

We Care about our Clients and their success and we always engage with passion, enthusiasm, independence and integrity

We Care about our Business and People, ensuring to always be at the forefront and continously develop ourselves

We Care about our joint Environment and we shall be role models in taking care of the planet and our common resources

We Care about the Society and shall always strive to enlighten, educate and encourage fellow citizens to achieve our vision