What we do

Our Vision :

A sustainable world where business, people and planet Earth live in balanced harmony

Our Mission :

To make the world’s companies and organizations truly live and act sustainably – by changing them one at the time

Our Business Idea :

We help our clients to run safe and sustainable business operations by engaging people at all levels of the organization to:

  • understand and accept the necessity of continuous change


  • take an active part in driving change and set their own challenges

  • always try to perform at their best for mutual benefits

Safety First

The starting point for many sustainability agendas


Our experience is that the most hands-on part of the sustainability agenda is often work-place safety and security, as it appeals to basic human instincts of self-protection.

When employees understand, see and feel the engagement and benefits of safe operations, they are often more open to act and behave differently also within other areas of operational sustainability, such as energy saving, waste optimization, recycling, as well as within corporate citizenship, labor conditions, pollution, etc.

This is why we often advise our clients to start or gear up their sustainability work by engaging people to perform safely as the first step of building new behaviors and habits.

The Vasta Group is a consultancy and change driver within corporate sustainability questions, acting as a solid and reliable partner when it comes to engaging employees to perform in new ways to achieve a greater goal.